This is the nickname that was given to our church by a local gentleman a few years ago.  His wife was sick and in a hospital many hours away.  One of our men volunteered to go and visit her.  The gentleman responded that it was far too long of a trip, but our man assured him that distance was no object if he wanted any of us to go.  The gentleman later told one of our members “I never forgot that.  Every time I pass by your church way up there on the hill, I say to myself ‘that church is the hope on the hill!’”

We know that our ultimate hope rests on another hill, a hill called Calvary.  But the Christ of Calvary has birthed a church on the hill in Mooresboro, and tasked us with serving Him by serving and loving others.  We are in the business of giving hope to the hopeless and help to the hurting!  We would love to have you come and experience this for yourself.

Sunday School…………..10 AM
Sunday Morning………..11 AM
Sunday Evening………….6 PM
Wednesday Evening…..7 PM

With the exception of our Sunday School hour, all of our services are now broadcast via Facebook LIVE on the internet!  Watch us at our regular times or even special services!

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A Welcome from Pastor Wagner

Thank you so much for visiting the Cornerstone Baptist Church website! We hope you find it to be a wealth of helpful information. But we also hope for so much more…

A website is a great thing to visit, but it is missing some things. Like, for instance, people! And I happen to believe that this church has the very best people anywhere. Cornerstone is a church full of people of most every age and race and background who have all been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ. As such, the folks here love people and always do their best to make them glad they came.

My wife Dana and I hope you come for a visit. We also hope you understand that the walking wounded are welcome here. This world has a way of beating people down. But there is hope on this hill, hope that comes from Christ.

When the downtrodden and broken-hearted made their way to the feet of Christ, they were never disappointed. We aspire to be the hands and feet and compassion of Christ in a world that still needs what He has to offer.

Sinners found both truth and love in Christ. When the woman taken in adultery was brought to Him, she heard the truth when He told her to “go and sin no more.” But she also heard and felt the love as He said “neither do I condemn thee.”

That is the model we pursue at Cornerstone. I faithfully and forcefully preach the Word. Truth is told here, even when it is not popular. But we also, all of us, are determined to show the same love that He showed. It is our desire to extend a hand up to those who are tired of what their sin has caused and this world has offered.

Come and see!

Pastor Bo Wagner

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